Sons of the American Revolution
serving the Pennsylvania counties of Somerset and Cambria

Getting Started Summary

Membership requirements are set by the national organization.

The application process starts by collecting the required documentation to support your ties to your ancestor.

Download the application from the national web site and type in the requested data.

Review the application with the Registrar and/or Genealogist of the local chapter you wish to join.

Make corrections and/or additions to the application suggested by the local Registrar.

Obtain the official water marked paper for the official printed application.

Review the application again by the local Registrar and request his signature, sign the applications (3 copies required - only 1 copy of the supporting documentation is required) and send it to the Pennsylvania Registrar with the correct application fee.

Of course, an application fee must be sent with your initial application and supporting documents. Your Registrar will help verify the correct amount.
A list of fees can be found here.

Wait for request(s) for additional information and/or approval. The local Registrar and/or other members will assist you, if needed.

Continuing Membership

There are many activities to enjoy after your acceptance. We hope you will become an active Chaper mermber, attend our meetings and encourage others to join.

Annual Renewal

After acceptance you will receive an annual renewal billing notification from the Pennsylvania Society near the end of the year.

Life Membership Options

Life membership options are listed below. Each is based upon your age. Each are seperate applications and do not require that you elect all three.


Click for the link to National Life Membership


Click for the link to State Life Membership


Click for the link to Chapter Life Membership