Sons of the American Revolution
serving the Pennsylvania counties of Somerset and Cambria

Jacob Saylor

Sunmitted by Stewart R. Saylor:
Jacob Saylor, or Seiler, was born 30 January 1715 in Germany and died 15 April 1793 in Somerset County, PA.

Jacob Saylor is recognized as the first Mennonite minister in Somerset County, PA. So as you might expect, he did not serve in a military unit. However, he paid the 1783 Federal Supply Tax.

Jacob married Magdalena Stald 19 March 1739. Magdalena died 27 January 1784 in Pennsylvania. We believe Jacob arrived in America 15 September 1749 on the Ship Phoenix at the port of Philadelphia, PA. They settled first in Lancaster, now Lebanon, County, PA. Their only son, John, was born 26 May 1740 in Germany and he died 01 September 1822 in Somerset County, PA. John married Catherine Berkey 27 October 1761. John settled on what is still called Saylor Hill, overlooking Meyersdale, Somerset County, PA. Jacob also owned land on Saylor Hill; but, he is believed to have made the move after the death of Magdalena. A stone in the Saylor Hill graveyard can be identified for Jacob. Two of John’s sisters raised large families in Somerset County, PA. John and Catherine are also buried on Saylor Hill.

Jacob Saylor is the 6th great grandfather of Stewart R. Saylor. The Descendants of Saylor Hill, compiled by Stewart,
(ISBN: 978-0-9886458-0-6) details nine generations of this Saylor family.

Submitted by Donald M. Watson:
Jacob Saylor was my 7th great grandfather. Jacob was born in Obermelingen, Germany/Switzerland on January 30, 1715. He married Magdalena Stald in Germany before coming to America. Jacob Saylor immigrated to America in the late 1740’s and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. By 1774, Jacob Saylor had purchased a farm in Bedford County, now Somerset County. This farm area was named Saylor Hill and carries that name to this day. It is located just to the West of present day Meyersdale, Summit Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. When Jacob bought the land the township was called Elk Lick Township. The farm remained in the family name until 1900 when it was sold to a coal company.  Jacob Saylor’s land warrant is dated December 15, 1774 according to the Pennsylvania Archives (Series 2, Vol. 25, p. 622)
Jacob became a Mennonite preacher in the area. In his will he stated that he was a “Preacher of the Society called Mennonite”. He was the first Mennonite Minister in the Casselman Valley.
acob Saylor was listed on the 1783 Federal Supply Tax list for then Bedford County, PA, Pennsylvania Archives Volume XXII, Third Series, page 255.
Jacob Saylor passed away on April 15, 1793 on the farm he originally bought. The family cemetery exists to this day. The farm area was known as the Three Hills and the cemetery is located in the middle hill in a group of trees. Jacob’s tombstone, along with some of his descendants, can be found there.

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