Sons of the American Revolution
serving the Pennsylvania counties of Somerset and Cambria

Ludwig Berkley

Ludwig’s place of birth and date are unknown, but he was likely born around 1750. He married his wife Catherine Wingert sometime before 1770.  Ludwig and Catherine had six children, one son and five daughters. 

Their son, John married Elizabeth Schutz (Sheets).   John acquired the home place upon his father’s death by a series of deeds whereby the heirs conveyed their interest in the home place .  Based on those deed records found in the Somerset County, Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds Office, each of the daughters and their husbands conveyed their interest in the home place to their brother John.  These deeds also identify the daughters.  They were:  Charity, married to Henry Moyers of Addison Township, PA, Catherine married to Frederick Augustine also of Addison Township, PA, Elizabeth married to George Hough of Allegany County, Maryland, Christina Moyer now Dimont married to Daniel Dimont of George Township, Fayette County, PA, and Rosina married to Peter Augustine.  There is also a deed, after the death of Ludwig, which identifies his second wife Mary who is listed as widow and relict of Ludwig Berckley.

In December of 1784, Ludwig warranted a 304 acre parcel in Brothersvalley Township, Bedford County, PA (now Somerset County).  The parcel now lies partly in Brothersvalley Township and part in Summit Township (formed in 1842).  The property is near the village of Berkleys Mill.  Although he didn’t obtain his warrant until 1784, it is evident that he was a resident of Bedford County as early as 1771 when he is identified on the tax rolls for Brothersvalley Township, Bedford County.   He is also shown for years:  1773, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1783, 1786, and 1798.  He also appears in the 1790 census for Bedford County and the 1800 census for Somerset County; both in Brothersvalley Township.

He died in early 1811 and is buried on his original family tract alongside his wife Catherine.  This is the same home tract that was conveyed to his son John after his death.

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