Sons of the American Revolution
serving the Pennsylvania counties of Somerset and Cambria

John Mossholder 

John Mafsholder, Mossholder, Mosholder was born in
Germany in 1750 and immigrated to America at age 17. The name in German means “Land Holder” He joined his brother Jacob who previously came to America.

John arrived in Philadelphia on October 7, 1767 and settled in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He eventually married Johannah Stumm, Stumpf.

John enlisted as a Private and Frontier Ranger from Cumberland County, 1778-1783, as a Private on the list of soldiers in the Revolution from Cumberland County, as a Private second class and a third time as Private 2nd. Class.

He and Johanna had the following children:
Hanna – Born 7/28/1772
John – Born ? 1775
Jacob – Born 2/26/1776
Roseana –Born ? 1778
George – Born 2/20/1780
Johnathan – Born 11/1/1784
Adam – Born 6/28/1786
Susanna – Born 7/16/1790
Elizabeth – Born Unknown
Daniel – Born 4/18/1794
Solomon – Born 3/18/1795
Peter – Born Unknown

After the war John and Johanna, with their family, moved to Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset County, Pennsylvania. There they bought a farm and raised their twelve children. Johanna died in 1810 and John in 1816. They are buried on the John Croner Farm near Beachdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania with several of their children.

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