Sons of the American Revolution
serving the Pennsylvania counties of Somerset and Cambria

John Yoder

John Yoder (YR-125) was born about 1753 in Tilden Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  His father, Christian (1722-1772)(YR-12) and his mother Barbara Beiler Yoder (1723-1781?)(BY-1) both were born in Europe and immigrated to the colonies in 1742 aboard the Francis and Elizabeth.  They arrived in Philadelphia on September 21, 1742.  He and Barbara settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania near where the town of Hamburg is today.

John married Magdalena Stutzman (1753-1825) in Berks County.  She was the eldest child of Christian Stutzman (ST) and Barbara Hochstetler Stutzman (HS-2).  John and Magdalena Yoder purchased 247.25 acres of land, called “Little Glade,” in Brothersvalley Township, Bedford County (now Stonycreek Township, Somerset County) Pennsylvania on August 18, 1775, from Gabriel Rhoads.  Rhoads had warranted the land in 1773.

John and Magdalena purchased additional land nearby their above-mentioned parcel on October 25, 1803.  They added a tract called “Many Springs” to their land holdings; the land was purchased from Samuel and Elizabeth Rhoads who had Patented the land on January 22, 1787.  John Rhoads had warranted the land in 1784.  The Many Springs tract included 318 acres.

John Yoder (listed as Yother) paid the supply tax in Bedford County during 1781 and 1783.

John and Magdalena had the following children:

Barbara (2/2/1774 to 12/1/1856 married John Yoder (YR-239) and lived in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County in 1810.

Sarah (9/11/1776 to 5/6/1844 married Yost Yoder (YR-2511) and lived in Armaugh Township, Mifflin County in 1810.

Daniel (1777 to 1854) married Barbara Yoder (YR-2361) and lived in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County in 1810.

Catherine died single

Elizabeth (4/28/1781 to 3/15/1856) married Yost Yoder (YR-2611) and lived in Elk Lick Township, Somerset County in 1820.

Christian (2/7/1782 to 3/29/1869) married Catherine Wingard (WG-2?) and lived in Canton Township, Stark County, Ohio in 1820.

Stephen J. (6/10/1784 to 5/13/1864) married Veronica Yoder (YR-2346) and lived in Sugar Creek Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio in 1820.

Susanna (4/7/1791 to 1855) married Michael Schrock (SK-34) and lived in Green Township, Wayne County, Ohio in 1830.

John and Magdalena moved to Ohio in about 1812.  They settled near what is today the town of Shanesville, Tuscarawas County, Ohio.  They both remained on this land in Ohio until the times of their deaths.  John died on July 21, 1815 and Magdalena 8 years later on October 30, 1823.  They are buried together on the farm, one mile north of Shanesville town center, in a well maintained cemetery that overlooks their land (currently the Norman Miller farm)(historically known as the Noah Coblentz farm).

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