Sons of the American Revolution
serving the Pennsylvania counties of Somerset and Cambria

John Hochststler

John Hochstetler was born around 1733 in Europe.  It is thought that he arrived in America with his father Jacob in approximately 1736.  In 1739 his father warranted land in Berne Township, Berks County, PA.  John married Catherine Hertzler, daughter to Amish Bishop Jacob Hertzler sometime around 1751 or 1752.

He and his wife settled a short distance to the west from his parent’s home in Berks County.  He and his family were spared during the October 21, 1757 raid on his parent’s home by Native Americans during the French and Indian War.  His mother Anna, his brother Jacob and one of his sisters were all killed during the attack.  His sister Barbara Hochstetler Stutzman who was married to Christian Stutzman was also spared because she and her husband were living some distance away to the east.  His father (about 45 years old), brother Joseph (13 years old) and Brother Christian (11 years old) were taken captive.  His father Jacob escaped about a year later and returned to Berks County.  Joseph and Christian were returned some time afterwards and married.

John remained in Berks County as is evident by his 1783 tax which was paid in Berne Township.  His two sons John, Jr. and Jacob had preceded him to Bedford County (Somerset County).  They both were shown on the 1779 tax lists for Brothersvalley Township.  In 1784, John sold the homestead in Berks County and warranted a tract one mile west of Summit Mills on December 17, 1784.  The tract was called “Beegels Place.”  John and his children eventually owned over 2300 acres of land in southern Somerset County.

He paid taxes in Berks County in 1780.  John paid the Supply tax in Berks County in 1781 and 1784.  He is listed on the tax rolls of Somerset County in 1795 and 1796.  He was also shown in the 1790 census for Bedford County and the 1800 census for Somerset County.

John and Catherine had ten children (7 boys and 3 girls):

1.        Jacob born about 1752 married Barbara Miller

2.       John married Veronica Mast and then later a lady named Elizabeth

3.       Veronica married Jacob Yoder

4.       Catherine

5.       Anna (Aneli) married Abraham Miller

6.       David married Elizabeth Schrock and late Mary Follmer

7.       Joseph born in 1768 married Susanna Sever

8.       Henry born in 1773 married Barbara Schrock and later Sarah Yoder

9.       Daniel married Barbara Mast and later Mary Eash

10.   Jonathan married Veronica Mast

All of their children remained in Somerset County, most remained in Elk Lick Township with their father. 
John died on March 15, 1805 and is buried on his original farm in the family cemetery.  His wife, Catherine, who was born about 1731, died around 1800 and is also buried in the family plot beside John.  John married Anna Christner , a widow, sometime after his first wife died.




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