Sons of the American Revolution
serving the Pennsylvania counties of Somerset and Cambria

Johan Michael Boltz

Johan Michael Boltz was born in Europe circa 1705 (most likely in Germany or Switzerland).  He arrived in Philadelphia with his wife Maria Barbara (Lauten) Boltz aboard the ship William on October 31, 1737.  They were married sometime before 1730.  He and his wife had eight children:  Michael, Jr. (1730), George (1732), Jacob (1734), Eva (1736), Dorothy (1738), Elizabeth (1741), Barbara (1745) and Sabina (1750). 

Johan Michael Boltz appears on the 1755 tax roll for Lebanon Township, Lancaster County.  He is identified as a farmer in the 1769 tax record of Lancaster County.  He also appears on the 1771, 1773 and 1782 tax records.  The 1773 rolls show he had 160 acres, 2 horses and 3 cattle.  In the 1782 record he is listed with 164 acres, 4 horses and 4 cattle.

He died in 1784 in Lebanon Township, Lancaster County.  His burial site is unknown.

On June 30, 1778 he signed the Oath of Allegiance in Lancaster County, PA.  He also paid the effective supply tax in Lebanon Township, Lancaster County in 1779 and 1783.

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