Sons of the American Revolution
serving the Pennsylvania counties of Somerset and Cambria

Jacob Berkey

Jacob Berkey was born in 1738 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  He married a Mishler girl, perhaps Anna.  They were married circa 1760.  They had five children (2 boys and 3 girls).

Their children were:

1.       Elizabeth who was born about 1760 married John Furry

2.       Veronica born about 1762 married Benedict Lehman

3.       Magdalena born around 1764 married Christian Miller

4.       Jacob born in 1766 married Barbara Miller

5.       Joseph born in 1768 married Mary Taylor

Jacobs’s first wife died sometime after 1768 and before 1778, because he married Elizabeth Blough around 1778.  They had six children (3 boys and 3 girls).  They were:

1.       Samuel born in 1778 married Susanna Taylor

2.       David born in 1780 married Barbara Kauffman

3.       Peter born about 1782 married Elizabeth Fyock

4.       Anna married Philip Harmon

5.       Sarah married David Fyock

6.       Rachel married Peter Lehman

He warranted a 251 acre tract of land in Brothersvalley Township, Bedford County situated on the waters of the Stony Creek.  The tract was called “Much Bottom”.  In later years he moved to Conemaugh Township, perhaps to live with a son or daughter in later life.

He paid the Supply Tax in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1781 and 1783.

Jacob died in 1805 in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County.  His will lists the names of his wife and issue in order of birth.  It is believed that he is buried in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County.

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